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Category: Mental Wellness

Mar 10
Mental health care is in high demand. Psychologists are leveraging tech and peers to meet the need.

Amid a shortage of mental health providers, digital therapeutics could play an important role in providing support for underserved communities Ninety percent of the public think there is a mental health crisis in the United States today, with half of young adults and one-third of all adults reporting that they have felt anxious either always […]

Mar 09
Neurodiversity & Entrepreneurship

The human species are diverse for a reason. If this is observed it can be leveraged and can create more balance. Diversity, though, does not only happen between different people but also within an individual who has been diagnosed with a neuro-bio-diverse condition. What this means is that while there will be challenges that come […]

Jan 25
Empowering Change: The Transformative Role of Health Coaching

In the pursuit of holistic well-being, health coaching emerges as a guiding light, offering individuals a personalized roadmap to navigate the intricate terrain of health and wellness. It goes beyond traditional approaches to health, addressing not just the physical but also the mental and emotional aspects of one’s well-being. Let’s delve into the transformative role […]