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Neurodiversity & Entrepreneurship

The human species are diverse for a reason. If this is observed it can be leveraged and can create more balance.

Diversity, though, does not only happen between different people but also within an individual who has been diagnosed with a neuro-bio-diverse condition. What this means is that while there will be challenges that come with a diagnosis, there will also be strengths and superpowers. Ultimately diversity comes with a broad range of conditions and natural variations in human thought. It is fact an asset.

It is true that neuro-divergent or neuro-distinct brains are wired differently and this is a competitive advantage. There is a direct link between diversity and entrepreneurship: In fact, 35% of US entrepreneurs have dyslexia and ADHD. There are some top business and science names including Sir Richard Branson and Albert Einstein who credit their success to their neurodiversity.

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entrepreneurship article by Anna Dafna
London based Psychologist

It is also true that ADHD graduates are twice as likely to start a business after college compared to their ‘neurotypical’ peers. However, we also know that entrepreneurship doesn’t automatically translate into personal efficiency or power of execution. Whereas people with ADHD, for example, might be well suited to entrepreneurship and sales, they might not be suited as easily to CEO. Of course, this is not always the case as everyone is different. ADHD can lead to good ideas, initiatives, actions.

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